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1.)When an individual stops breathing, brain cells die very quickly, but the cells in the heart are able to survive for longer. Which conclusion is best supported by these facts?
A)Brain cells are more specialized than muscle cells and require more oxygen.
B)Blood does not travel to the brain unless it first goes to the heart.
C)Unlike brain cells, heart cells can produce small amounts of ATP by going through fermentation.
D)Unlike heart cells, brain cells do not use ATP as their energy-storing molecule.
2.)What can you conclude about the advantage of the cell membrane having hydrophobic ends in the phospholipid bilayer?
A)The cell requires a barrier between itself and its environment.
B)The cell requires a means to store starches and glucose.
C)The cell requires a structure for eliminating waste.
D)The cell requires the ability to digest and eliminate enzymes.
3.)Based on what you know about life on Earth, what might scientists be most likely to look for on other planets with regard to living organisms?
Which of the following molecules get recycled during photosynthesis?
ATP and glucose
Water and glucose

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